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HR-Marsec - Europe Branch - Italy
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Ultimate Security Solutions For The Maritime Industry
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Introduction letter of HR-Marsec - Europe Branch - Italy
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HR Maritime Security (HR-MARSEC) is a full service Maritime Security Company that provides specialized and wide ranged security solutions, which focus on developing, delivering and maintaining comprehensive maritime security.
Our services are delivered and managed by specialists with military, navy, law enforcement and commercial security backgrounds.
Our team of qualified instructors and assessors provide training according to the requirements of the international ship and port facility security code (ISPS).
Our security training specialists are qualified as Company Security Officers, Ship Security Officers and Port Facility Security Officers.

Commitment to quality and the utmost security standards is our highest mission; our industry experience and expertise prevents threats of all types, such as terrorism, crime, piracy and smuggling. For this reason leading cruise lines, such as Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises and Azamara Cruises, have chosen to use our services exclusively.
Additionally, Conde Naste Traveler has rated our security teams amongst the highest in the industry for attitude and service.
Moreover, law enforcement, customs, immigration, the European and US coast guard are some of the agencies that have expressed their appreciation for the quality of our work.

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