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ship/ port/ customs/ immigration/ cargo agents - forwarders
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Introduction letter of BOURJI Shipping Agencies
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Dear Sirs

    We would like to inform you that we are Shipagents at Chalkis-Evia Ports.
We have been working on all kind of shipagents works since 1997.
We apply the most modern methods and we have the most reasonable and competitive prices.
Ships/Shipowners under our agency have never been dissatisfied and always have something good to say about us.
    Ports we are working at, are: 
1.  Chalkis central port (Loading-Discharging)
2.  Chalkis Shipyard, (repair port)
3.  Chalkis Cement port (Heracles III Terminal), 
4.  Avlis repair port (Chalkis Shipyard), 
5.  Avlis Chemical port (Interchem Terminal), 
6.  Psachna Oil Port (Soya Hellas Terminal), 
7.  Larymna port (Grit-Feronikel terminal), 
8.  Mylaki Cement port (Heracles II Terminal), 
9.  Thisvi Port (Corinth Pipeworks Factory), 
10.Edipsos Port (Cruises), 
11.Marmari port (loading Karystos stones). 
    At all these ports our young and experienced staff has been working on all agency works(loading-discharging-formalities-immigration-repair needs).
Our Advertisers are Masters on vessels calling on these ports all those 9 years and local authorities.
Even if you are already using another Agent in any of these ports, you can ask for a proforma D/A from us and be sure that it will be the most reasonable. 
    Please also note that we have experienced partners in all other Greek ports. 

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