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AIS technology, product, support and consultant.
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Maritec has been appointed by Sine Qua Non Technology Holdings as a consultant company for their AIS products and services. 

Products range from AIS Aids to Navigation (AtoN), AIS Class B/CS, AIS Installation and Test Set (AITS-R), AIS Receive-Only, AIS Position Indicating Radio Beacon (APIRB), AIS Fixed-Shore Station (VTS and Coastal Surveillance, Base Station, Repeater Station) to Search and Rescue (SAR).

Our customer base includes Marine Electronic Companies, Lighthouse and Marine Aids to Navigation Authorities, Littoral State and Waterway Authorities, Coastguards, Manufactures, Developers, Installation and Marine Service Companies, Radio / Marine Surveyors, Aids-To-Navigation Companies (A-to-N), Leisure-Small Craft, Boat Owners, Shipping and Cruise Liners, and many more. 


Andre van den Berg was a founder member, shareholder and Technical Director of Marine Data Systems (MDS), a pioneering company in AIS who participated in standardising, developing and promoting AIS internationally ( from early-mid 1990’s) 

Marine Data Systems manufactured and supplied AIS product worldwide. Andre left MDS in early 2004, starting Maritec.

Since the inception of AIS (1995), Andre participated in the standardization and development of AIS at various international forums, including CIRM, IALA, IEC, IMO, ITU and RTCM.  He has vast experience in the implementation of AIS and VTS systems, both through participation (various national and international projects) and business-technical associations. 

Under the guidance of Andre van den Berg, MDS developed and manufactured AIS Class A (SOLAS), AIS Base Station and AIS Network products.

The respective products received international type approval, which includes EU MED (Wheelmark), German (BSH), Netherlands (Telefication) FCC (USA), CCS (China), Korean, Polish, Industry Canada, etc. 

George Fyfe founded Sine Qua Non Technology Holdings (SQN) in the late 1990’s. He has had a long-standing relationship with Andre van den Berg and MDS, even prior to SQN. George Fyfe, a pioneer in designing, developing and manufacturing AIS products, has been involved with AIS since its inception.

AIS Aids to Navigation, Class B/CS, Installation Test Set, Receive-Only, APIRB, Fixed-Shore, 
George and Andre are co-patentees of the TDMA semaphore synchronisation method (ITU-R M.1371-1) applied in AIS.

Quality Policy 

Provide products and services which meet the required recommendations and performance standards

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