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North East Maritime Corporation (Russia) Murmansk
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Ship's agency & survey. Port forwarding
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Head office:  North East Maritime Corporation - Kandalaksha - Russia  All Branches of this GROUP

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Introduction letter of North East Maritime Corporation (Russia) Murmansk
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Allow us first off all to introduce ourselves, we are North East Maritime Corporation, NEMC which was founded in 1993 by 10 Norwegian Shipping companies among them Belships ASA.
The intention of the company was to offer shipping related services to Russia, as with so many other companies that was started in the same period for the same purpose it lasted 3 years in spite of substantial aid from UD and other Norwegian entities.
 In 1996 Belships bought out the other investors and scaled down the offices in Oslo and Murmansk, future working of NEMC was concentrated on and around the skills of our staff, who were all Russian Merchant Marine Officers and we started with draft, stowage asbestos and radiation survey with Hydro and Elkem as our main customers.
 The structure we did leave in place with head office in Oslo and subsidiaries in Murmansk and later on in St Petersburg. Our Russian entities later on obtained the needed certificates from the Russian Government to act as agents, port forwarders and surveyors of all kinds.        
 All of our ship’s agents/surveyors are covered in the London marked for consequential damage resulting from their possible mistakes.
At the moment we are doing in Murmansk mainly port forwarding, agency and cargo safety certificates for a number of Russian companies such as Krutrade ( Coal ),  Kovdor Mining ( Apatite ), Karelskiy Okatysh Mining ( Iron Ore  ) and exporters of fertilizers plus a certain surveys related to export of aluminium
Our St Petersburg office works largely with Russian Aluminium as a largest exporter of Aluminium,  bunkers surveys and quality and quantity surveys related to Reefer Cargoes ( tally +quality survey)  and it was through this work we came across your name.
Our surveyors are certified to work all our the former CIS countries which we do on a regular base.
Our staff in St Petersburg consists of 5 surveyors and in Murmansk the same plus 2 in accounting. In Oslo Captain Tor Lauritzsen ( Tel.: +47 22 52 76 28 ) and in accounting Edwin Johansen is largely taking care of NEMC.

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