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SC. MARIDO Imex SRL - Constanta - Romania
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We are a team of professionals, one of the best Romanian Crewiding Agency, authorized by the Romania...
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Introduction letter of SC. MARIDO Imex SRL - Constanta - Romania
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Dear Sir,
 	We are a team of professionals, one of the best Romanian Crewing Agency’s, specialised in providing best qualified crew members for various shipowners. MARIDO has been registered as a company since 1994, and has been authorized by the Romanian Naval Authority to perform crewing services.
We provide authorised services in the fields of:
   - Business of recruiting selected personnel seeking employment aboard sea-going vessels;
   - Crewing training consultancy and STCW’95 training arrangements;
   - Specialization programs in the marine electric, electronic and computer fields according  with your Company policy, ISM, STCW. 

Our office is located in Constanta - Romanian Black Sea most important port.         			
Our company has in its databases specialized personnel in vessel operations such as: 
   -deck, engine, electric and radio officers;
   -ratings for deck, engine and electric;
   -maritime platform workers; 
   -hotel and restaurant personnel for all types of vessels and maritime operations.

The agency’s staff has more than 25 years experience in the field of commercial vessels operation, management, education and training and they select the candidates for our database after conducting an interview, a written and oral test as well as checking their qualification and professional background.

The recruiting team is composed of:
Gabriel MELCEA - Maritime Chief Electric, trainer in electronics and automatic control. 
Mircea DUMITRESCU - Maritime Radio Officer, senior instructor in Romanian Maritime Training   Centre, maritime safety assessor.

             All the candidates are thoroughly screened regarding their qualification, past performance and determination and ONLY the most competitive are finally selected. We treat with special attention electric and electronic specialists for maritime operations. All this personnel is trained and certificated in compliance with the Romanian law and STCW 78 as amended ‘95. 

According with your company politics, we can manage selection and supplementary training programs, if necessary (Company Politics, ISM, ISPS, QMS, electronics, computers, reefers, high tension, etc.).

Looking forward to hearing from you, 

Crewing Manager
Tel/Fax:         +40 (241) 694394
Mobile:	 +40 (723) 577445

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