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Busan Marine Technical Services Co. Ltd. - Busan - Korea
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Busan Marine Technical Services Co. Ltd. one of the leading company in supplying spare parts service...
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Introduction letter of Busan Marine Technical Services Co. Ltd. - Busan - Korea
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We are mainly supplying most kinds of Marine Equipment/Marine Diesel Engine Spare Part as following: 

-- Main/Aux. Diesel Engine & Generator Spares for Yanmar, Daihatsu, Niigata, Akasaka, Mitsubishi, Hanshin, B&W, Makita, Pielstick, HSD 
-- Pumps for Naniwa, Shinko, Heishin, Teikoku, Taiko, Shin Shin 
-- Air Compressors for Matsubara, Yanmar, Tanabe 
-- Purifiers for Mitsubishi 
-- Turbo Charger Spares for BBC 
-- Auxiliary Equipment & Electric Machineries 

Specially, we are manufacturing all following Heavy Marine Spare Part from our own Factory in Busan Korea,
-- Cylinder Liners 
-- Cylinder Heads 
-- Piston 
-- Piston Crown & Skirt 
-- Piston Pin 
-- Exh. & Intake Valve with Valve Seat for Marine and Industry 
Your required parts can also be supplied on board your vessel at any world port in case they call. 
If you possible, we would like to have so good business relationship with your company to cooperate for mutual profits. 
And for any assistance on this subject, please feel free to contact us at any time. 
We hope sincerely to hear your favor replying soon. 


Tel.(82-10)5589-0618 / (82-51)902-0618 
Email : //  
***.If you want to have free phone(pc to pc) and real time communication on computer with me, please visit and down road the related free phone program in your computer."" 

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