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At this page you can see our contact persons. You can see their private information or write them if necessary.
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    France Operations        Contact   CV,Duties,e.t.c.
    Europe, Africa & Middle East Operations        Contact   CV,Duties,e.t.c.
 Mr. Martin Jesus Molina      Attorney At Law  P: +507 264-3315
M: +507 64694695
F: +1 240 2084442
 Contact   CV,Duties,e.t.c.
 Sir   Legal.   Martin Molina  P: 507 2643315
M: 507 64694695
F: 1 240 2084442
 Contact   CV,Duties,e.t.c.
 Sir        P: +44 7981798272
 Contact   CV,Duties,e.t.c.
            Contact   CV,Duties,e.t.c.
 Mr. Mohammed Azmal Hossain   Overseas & Crewing   Mohammed Azmal Hossain  P: +88031624625
M: +8801814815444
F: +88031624625
 Contact   CV,Duties,e.t.c.
 Mr. Oleg Pronkin   Administration   Operation Manager  P: +380-48-7877578
M: +380-67-4860448
F: +380-48-7293719
 Contact   CV,Duties,e.t.c.
 Mr. Gert Du Plessis      Operations Manager Africa  M: +278 28091332
 Contact   CV,Duties,e.t.c.
       Founder      Contact   CV,Duties,e.t.c.

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