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Look through and evaluate the information offered in this section and get more A-points.

In this section each user registered in the Catalogue (contact person of a company) has an opportunity to look through the information, for which evaluation we give the biggest amount of A-points ((239) & (501)).


All the information of companies you are offered to vote for you will find here (L322).


In order to get 500-1000 A-points for each evaluation and earn the money for your own advertisement ((237)) you just need to read and evaluate:

  • Home Pages of companies ehich ordered this look through ((503)).
  • Announcements of the Catalogue ((504)).
  • Announcements of companies ((505)).
  • Circulars of companies ((506)).
  • Private Visit Cards of companies which ordered this look through (507).


    • If you want to look through and evaluate the information, offered in this section, and get more A-points right now as well as earn the money for your own advertisement ((237)), enter:
      your E-mail:
      Give me a key to the necessary page> (K00100)


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