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Key words by which our press-service will choose information for you.



Key words filled by you is the source our press-service will guide by when it picks out the information for you ((215)).

  • You fill in the key words((L06902)).
  • Tick the information which you need to get according to your key words ((306)).
  • All the new information of our Catalogue our press-service ((215)) checks for key words filled by you and put it on your Account (View Random Example).
    • If you are interested in all the information of the Catalogue, follow (L068).


The quality of information chosen for you depends on correct filling in of your key words.

  • At least one field should be filled in.
  • All the key words are used by the principle ‘or- or’.
  • If you wrote several words, this will be considered as a phrase, in a field the picking out of information will be made by these words.
  • You can change and edit these fields any time but the selection of necessary information will be made only once per 24 hours according to the words written at the moment.


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