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"Exclusive bonus" & "Usual bonus".

Bonuses is a conditional value because you cannot get them by cash, - you can just use them placing your advertisement at the Catalogue ((242)).

Bonuses can get users who actively read the information placed at the Catalogue and bring, by this, the obvious benefit to all (S002) participants ((233)).


If somebody actively works at the Catalogue there is no doubt that this person has an impressive reason. This reason is interesting for all the (S002) participants.


The only way how to inform all (S002) participants of your intentions is placing your own advertisement at the Catalogue ((015)).


In order to make easier for above-mentioned participants placing advertisements with their intentions, which obviously is quite interesting for all the (S002) participants, we created the bonus system.


We give an opportunity for active users to place their advertisement with discounts, even free advertisement.


Have a look at the bonuses which active users (you as well) got during this month:


    • Enter your E-mail ___and you will receive a key for getting on the page with earned bonuses.
                  • (K027)


10 the most active users get “Exclusive bonuses” which allow to place an advertisement for the whole sum (from 100 to 1000 USD) they got. In other words, placing an advertisement for the sum which is not higher than bonus for these users is free of charge ((237)).

  • If the amount of these users A-points ((239)) is equal, the highest point gets a participant who earned the points the first one.


The rest of users get “Usual bonuses” which allow to get a discount for placing an advertisement ((237)) on all the earned sum (from 1 to 100 USD).

  • The users with equal amount of A-points ((239)) get the same usual bonuses as the major part of participants with the same points.


How to be become the most popular ((180)).

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