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After learning and evaluation of offered information each user (contact person of a company) is awarded by a certain amount of A-points.


A-points – is a conventional value; by it we define the activity of users (H156x).


The activity of a company is a sum of activity of its contact persons (H009x) & (H155x).


At the end of the month the amount of A-points is summed up and each user gets a bonus.


The more is activity the higher are:

  • Bonuses. (L085)
    • Which can be used with benefit for a company (H242x).
  • Rating of a company. Help


You do not need to evaluate the whole information placed at the Catalogue.


Our press-service (H215x) by your wish will put at individual Account only that information which you are interested in View Random Example. For this purpose you just need to fill in the form correctly View Details.


Moreover, evaluation of different information is awarded differently:

  • 1000 A-points. (L06701)
  • 500 A-points. (L06702)
  • and lower. (L06703)


We recommend to evaluate information which we award by high A-points for Help:

  • You will earn bonuses (L085) for your advertisement Help sooner.
  • Usually we give high A-points for evaluation of paid information.
    • There is no need to remind that nobody is going to pay for the useless information.




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