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How active users earn the money.

Only participants of INTERACTIVE project View Details.
At the end of each month all the active users are set in the list according to the earned A-points during last months ((L085)).
According to the amount of earned A-points all the active users get bonuses.

 Attention! You cannot get bonuses by cash but you can use them for your own benefit (H242x):

  • For payment of our services Help.
  • For increase of your rating Help.

You get bonuses by the following way:

  • The first ten of the most active users get sums:
    • 1000 USD
    • 900 USD
    • 800 USD
    • 700 USD
    • 600 USD
    • 500 USD
    • 400 USD
    • 300 USD
    • 200 USD
    • 100 USD
      • These money are called “Exclusive bonuses Help and they can be used for payment of our services without any prior conditions.
  • All the other active users are divided on proportional 100 groups:
    • Each active user in a group gets bonuses from 100 to 1 USD ((L085)).
      • These money are called “Usual bonusHelp and they can be used as a discount for payment of our services Help.
      • Attention! The total sum of payments after discounts should not be less than 100 USD. 
        • For example:
          • You have to pay 1280 USD.
          • The total sum of your bonuses is 1200 USD.
          • You can use for discounts not more than 1180 USD.
          • In order the total sum of payment should be not less than 100 USD.
          • 1280 USD – 1180 USD = 100 USD
          • You can keep the left of bonuses (20 USD) and use it for future payments.

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