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We guarantee! If maritime business is your real interest, the information you place, will be red only by interested persons.

Place your advertisement at the Catalogue ((071)).


(S002) maritime professionals (View List of Users) take part in our project from (S005) maritime companies.


Above-mentioned numerals are the true ones taken from our database. You can check how they change by refreshing this page after couple of hours.


Of course, for the first look, mentioned numerals do not impress.


The strategy of the Catalogue is:

  • We meaningly limit taking part of people who want to offer:
    • An effective mean of hear removal from eyes
    • Division of Nigerian millions
    • Etc.
      • This is not our audience and they are offered
        • (L088) 
  • The left participant of the project are calculated not by millions, but it is a grateful audience, which perceives with understanding any information about Maritime Business (View List of Users).
    • The participant of the project (View Details) are awarded for taking part in the project ((237)).
    • If a placed information corresponds to the interests of a project participant (View Details), he is invited to visit the page especially created for him (View Random Example), where this information is placed.


There are the best conditions for efficiency of your maritime advertisement,- you just need to place it ((071)).

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