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What "Contact Person (User) Activity" is.

We recommend! If you decided to send a message to any of (S002) participants of the project Help or to organize the circulars Help pay the attention to company and persons activity:

  • (L412)
  • (L414)


The Activity of each user is counted in A-points Help.


A user can just become acquainted with the Catalogue, evaluate the information placed on it and become more popular owing to this. In order to have a look how it looks like push this button several times (L411).


The more is a numeral you see the more active a user is. The activity does not show a user who is not interested in anything and who does need anything. The more a user activity is the more chances you have to contact him (L085).


In order to make your contacts more effective, pick out the persons you need according to the common interests Search by Private Persons, then have a look how effective they are.


Our press-service also can pick out the persons you are interested in Help.


Company activity is equal to the sum of its contact persons Help, but the meaning of this numeral is the same as person activity:

  • (L413)


If a contact person is not a Person in charge in any of registered companies of the Catalogue, follow Help.

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