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USD p/d in the rating formula of a company.

If you have a look at the rating formula of a company ((073)) pay the attention to the value of USD p/d,- if it is a considerable one, the company with such rating will be placed at the higher position in comparison with the one which has USD p/d=0 (absent in formula).


The reason should be clear without any explanations:

  • The money of these companies is the source of the Catalogue existence ((116))
  • The users are interested to see this information in the first turn. Nobody is going to pay for placing of useless information, so it is worth to have a look at.


Placing of paid information (advertisement) (015).


Efficiency of such placing View Statistics & View Statistics.


USD p/d is calculated by division of the sum, paid for placing of information (advertisement) on the period of its placing ((173)).


If payment is paid only once, USD p/d is calculated (143).


You can earn the money for placing of information (advertisement) yourself ((235)).


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