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Person in Charge.

Any company registered in the Catalogue can list the unlimited number of its colleagues ((009)) in its “Private Visit Card”.


Any person, listed in “Company Visit Card”, has a free access to “Private Visit Card” ((024)).


If there is some information about a company, registered in the Catalogue, at your “Private Visit Card” in “As Person in charge” section ((L393)), this means that you are the official member (person in charge) of this company.


If while correction of your “Private Visit Card” in data of a company, which you are the person in charge, there is a button “Update & Correct”, this means that you are the person responsible for filling in of this company “Company Visit Card” ((074)). Push the button and start correction.


If in the section “As Person in Charge” there is no any company mentioned but you want to add your company, you have to push the button “Add Your Company” and fill in the opened form.


Persons who are not the ones in charge of any company also can use the services of the Catalogue without any problems ((154)).


    • If you want to make a correction in your “Private Visit Card” right now, enter your E-mail______ and you will receive a key to your E-mail address
                  • (K023)


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