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Your private information for public presentation.

The main task, which does has a solution, of our Catalogue is making business contacts between the users and companies. (B2B)


You should clearly understand that if you want to be a user of our Catalogue, at least the minimum of information should be available for all our visitors (View Random Example).


Then a user is given an information, who, in his turn, corrects his “Private Visit Card”.


    • If you want to start correction right now, enter your E-mail (K023) and you will receive a key at your e-mail address for the necessary correction.


By pushing the button “Your Personal Info for Public Presentation” you will be able to look through the information which is available for any user of our Catalogue.


After looking through you may shorten of add the information ((088)).


You decide how much information to add by yourself ((066) & (086)).


What is your attitude to an unknown person who has a business offer for you!?


If you want to delete your “Private Visit Card”, push the button “Edit” and find the button “Delete My “Private Visit Card”” below ((110)).


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