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Simple CV.

We also provide services of placing:


  • Advanced CV ((053)).
  • CV on the Baltic Maritime Job Exchange ((054)).


Simple CV is 64 Kb of text information about yourself, which you put in your “Private Visit Card” absolutely free of charge.


It will bring to you .an invaluable help when you broadcast your information ((067) & (068)).


Do not forget! Not only you are looking but also you are being looked by somebody. People you need will find you faster if you fill in everything correct ((525)).


Your information should be filled in trustworthily in order your recipient would see it permanently. (View Random Example)


Respect your future partner! Use any opportunity of the editor in order your CV would look fine. Fill this CV grammatically correct using capital and small letters. The size of the item is enough to write everything you want to inform clearly and without shortenings ((002)).


In order to understand how and why you have to fill up an offered file, please, have a look at the following references:





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