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How to fill in the Contact Person Names correctly.

By entering contact person names, in the first turn, you should follow the recommendations, given here Help.


In ideal, the names should look like the following way:

  • Mr. Peter Broun
    • Shri is an indian title translated as "Saint" or "Honoured", but some people do not  know this title, so we kindly ask to use title Mr. instead of Shri
  • Miss Monika Guss
  • Mrs Laura Simpson
    • Titles as Mme and Mm belong to title Mrs, we kindly ask you to use correct one - Mrs
  • Captain Paul McKerr
  • Doctor Richard Salvares

We kindly ask you to use only these titles before your name:

Mr., Miss, Mrs, Captain, Doctor

If you are also a contact person in one or several companies that are registered in the Catalogue you should know, that your name should be filled in the same way everywhere.

If, by some reasons, you want your name to be written differently, there are no obstacles for that, except the one:

By every message circular to one of our Catalogue users Help you will receive the message from our operator about the differences in these records Help.




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