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All the information placed in the Catalogue is available to the all users and visitors. It goes without saying that this does not refer to the public access to your E-mails ((083)).


A user places any amount of information, by this, he establishes the limit of his confidentiality.

The main purpose of the Catalogue is a variety of business - contacts between users, companies and visitors. (View Details)

If you decided to take part in our project (View Details) you have to take into account that not only you want to know as much information about your potential partner as possible but also he does. Do not forget about it when you send circulars to your future partners.


What would be your attitude to an unknown person with no information about him and who has a business - offer for you?

If you give enough information about you it will be a pleasure for your future partner to receive informative messages from you (View Random Example).










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