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Search by Company Phones and Faxes.

Search by Phone & Fax

A registered company can fill in the unlimited quantity of phone and fax numbers in its “Company Visit Card” View Random Example.

Sometimes, there are cases when you have to find a company by its phone number (for instance, a representative of a company left to you his office phone number). Exactly for these cases we created the search by phone and fax numbers.


According to rules, phone and fax numbers should be filled in by the following way Help.


Unfortunately, not always phone and fax numbers are written in the same way and correctly. "00", "+", "-", "/" and gaps – this is just a small part of a full symbol list, usually used for. We have solved the problem with search by phone numbers written in this way. You can enter a phone number in any format as a criterion of the necessary search. If you have not found anything we recommend to enter a key part of the number as a criterion of the search. Our search machine should solve this problem without any difficulties.


Search by Phone & Fax









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