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How to subscribe for Hot News.

Many companies registered in our Catalogue possess the information, they want to inform everybody immediately. In order to make this task easier there was created a mechanism of placing "Hot News" Help.


It is not a fact, that you may be interested in all the information from all the companies.


Still something may interest you. You do not have to look through all "Hot News" of all the companies View Random Example.


The fact, that the "Hot News" has the below-mentioned attributes will enlighten the task for you in searching the required information:

  • Hot News Group Help.
  • Hot News Header Help.
  • Hot News Content Help.
  • Latest Hot News Help.


So, after you looked what these attributes are:

  • Enter the list of the companies that send their "Hot News" View Location.


    • If you want to enter the list and subscribe to the 'Hot News' on your personal Account right now, enter your E-mail after that you will get a key for this entrance: (K014) (F614)


  • Use the offered Search machine and enter the required criteria.
  • After clicking "Search Companies" you receive a list of the companies, that send only "Hot News" you are interested in.
  • You may look through the following fields once more for correctness:
    • Hot News Contents
    • Current Hot News
    • Company Visit Card
    • Contact Subscribers
  • Click "Subscribe" in the company you are interested in. View Location
  • Do the operations the program offers you further.
  • After that all the interesting "Hot News" will arrive to your E-mail immediately right after they appear.


We recommend you to repeat this operation regularly, because 100 and more companies join our Catalogue daily Help.


It will be better if you participate in the project INTERACTIVE View Details the information about all the 'Hot News' which appear in the Catalogue and is picked out according to your criteria View Details will be put at your Account.


    • If you want to look through and evaluate new 'Hot News' picked out according to your criteria right now as well as earn the money for your own advertisement Help, enter your E-mail after that you will get a key to the necessary page: (K015) (F614)









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