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Update & Correct "Company Visit Card"

Our operators find the information about maritime companies from the open sources and enter the minimum of information about them in the Catalogue. The further updates and corrections are made by the Responsible Person of the company Help.


Everything is quite simple. You just need to spend some time. If you do not have time or do not wish to do this, you can charge our operator to do this Help.


We recommend you to read this very useful information.


If you do not have much time, you may proceed to "Update & Correct" of your company immediately and start correction Help.


Every item, which may be edited, is supplied with the simple and clear "Help". You may return to familiarizing with our advices later.



We give the full information about the companies in a simple and convenient way what explains the popularity of our Catalogue View Statistics.


In fact, it is very easy to find the necessary information Catalogue Search.


In order to find the full information, this full information should be entered.


We suppose that you are not the only person, who is interested in the information to be full. We do our best for this purpose. Still the full information can be given only by a user himself. We will help you with that by giving the leading questions.


20-30 minutes, you spent for reading the below-mentioned information and following our recommendations, may be awarded by a nice contact or contract.


This information is written for updating and correction of information about your company in all the items of your "Company Visit Card".


Have a look at how this page looks like View Random Example.


There are hints under each item, which you have to fill in or correct. They look like in the following way:


Please, check it!

  • It means that you are not satisfied yet with the offered information and you did not put a tick "do not remind me about that anymore".


May be better - improve it!

  • It means that we suppose that the given information may be improved. If you put a tick "do not remind me about that anymore" we will not remind you about that anymore.


Empty - fill it!

  • It means that the following information is absent. If you suppose it is a normal thing, put a tick "do not remind me about that anymore", and we will not remind you about that anymore.


You can open the item, which you have to correct.

  • Notice that after the first click on any item our server will ask for Login¸ Password for your "Company Visit Card". After the first entering of them our server will save them, so you do not have to enter them again until you close Update and Correct window.


After you fill in any item, you may put a tick for convenience "do not remind me about that anymore". It should be put only after you are sure that you have filled in the item correctly. Look through the recommendations for filling in one more time Help.


After the hint "You say - "Everything is Ok!" under the each item, the correction may be considered as finished.



  •  It is not necessary to make all the corrections immediately. Everything what was filled in today will be saved, and you will be able to get back to the correction any time you want.

  • Even if you have put "You say - "Everything is Ok!" everywhere, this does not exclude the fact, that you should look through all your records and make necessary corrections periodically.

  • Keep the information about your company "Up-to-date".

  • Keep the information about your company "Up-to-date".

  •  If you face any difficulties or you just do not have free time, entrust this with our operator Help.


If you take part in the INTERACTIVE project View Details all the information about just registered companies which are picked out according to your criteria will be put on your Account every day.


    • If you want to look through and evaluate the new companies, picked out according to your criteria, right now as well as earn the money for your own advertisement Help, enter:
      your E-mail:
      Give me a key to the necessary page
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