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Hot News.

Hot News is a field which contains extensive information up to 64 Kb and which, in its turn, can be sent to your subscribers.


If your business is devoted to maritime industry ,most likely, you routinely (probably, every hour) receive new information which you would like to send to everybody immediately.


Only at our Catalogue! You can do it easily and free of charge.



After you filled in and saved "Hot News" of your "Company Visit Card":

  • "Hot News" are placed in our Catalogue at the following places Help.
  • Information which you offer is available to a large amount of potential partners View List of Users.
  • Have a look at the popularity of "Hot News" placed by companies View Statistics.
  • Users can read your "Hot News" in the following forms View Random Example.
  • Companies which use our service already have their own subscribers View Random Example.
  • You can also place your "Hot News" at our Catalogue as well as organize sending these circulars to your constant subscribers Help.


You also can subscribe and receive "Latest Hot News" of another companies Help.


In order to increase the effectiveness of placing your "Hot News" at the Catalogue, we recommend to use another service Help. After you do that:

  • Your rating will be increased Help, accordingly, your place in lists of shows will take the higher position:

Your "Hot News" will take the better position:







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