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Offices (Departments, Branches) & including virtual offices.

Imagine, that your company has a wide chain of offices, branches and agencies all over your country or the world.


A wide chain of branches has been always a great advertisement for any company.


But how our users will know about it?


Only your Head Office can be found from the ordinary sources, and only after that one can find out that you have the representatives in different ports.


In our Catalogue:

  • The number of offices is unlimited View Random Example.
  • Each office has its own "Company Visit Card" View Random Example, and there is always placed a link to your Head Office.
  • It means that your company is mentioned in our Catalogue as many times as many "Company Visit Cards" for these offices were filled in.
  • Attention: The offices should be real or virtual Help ones, but they should not be mentioned several times.
  • If you filled in all the "Company Visit Cards" fully and correctly Help, in this case, using searching possibilities of our Catalogue Help, a chance that a user would find your company increases directly proportionally to the number of your branches.
  • As our Catalogue refers to maritime sphere only, it is important not what service is offered, but where it is offered. So there is no need to explain what role has the number and geographical location of offices Help.


What a virtual office is? Help



    • If you want to register new offices (departments) right now, enter:
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      • If you face difficulties in registration of your branches in the Catalogue, enter:
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