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Company Visit Card.

separate page ("Company Visit Card") is opened for every company which is registered in our Catalogue. The title of this page is the name of a company. In future, while corresponding with your potential partners, you may refer to this page, as it would be your own one. This is absolutely free of charge. View Random Example 

In order to get a benefit from this link you need to fill in your "Company Visit Card" with maximum of useful information.

Attention! As soon as your company is registered Help, the information about it will be sent to all the interested persons.
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The list of the information about your company that can be placed in our Catalogue absolutely free is the following one:

  • Company Name:
    • The official title of your company, including abbreviation, if it exists. Help
  • Brief Description:
    • 150 symbol text, which should give your visitor idea about the activity of your company. Help
  • Activities - Occupations:
    • The list of activities of your company and occupations is unlimited. Help
  • Country and Port:
    •  Country and port, where your company is situated and offers its services. Help
  • Address:
    • The full street name and postal address, ZIP-code, of your company. Help
  • Telephones and Faxes:
    • The unlimited number of phones and faxes of your office. Help
  • Company Home Page (URL):
    • The constant Home Page of your company. Help
  • Contact Persons - (Company Staff):
    • The unlimited list of your personnel with contact details. Help
  • Offices, Departments, Branches including virtual offices:
    • The unlimited number of branches of your company, if they exist (with links to the separate "Company Visit Card"). Help
  • Directories:
    • The list of the directories in our Catalogue your company is placed in. Help
  • Introduction Letter:
    • Any useful text information about your company (up to 64 Kb). Help
  • Hot News:
    • Any useful text information about your company (up to 64 Kb) with the possibility to send it to your subscribers. Help
  • Update & Correct:
    • Menu for editing all the above-mentioned items. Help


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