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The company also encourages straight talking and honest market analysis – we believe it’s better to give accurate and realistic information on ...
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36902 .
Edmiston Yacht - Shanghai - China  ID: 87510
To counter the cost of yacht ownership, Edmiston will promote your yacht for charter.
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Certain yachts are as sought –after as the most exclusive hotels and as a direct result of careful management and marketing, this special cache ...
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A leader in global energy transportation services, OSG operates a fleet of 120+ vessels that transport crude oil, refined petroleum products and ...
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By having a diversified fleet trading in multiple markets, OSG can capitalize on the crude oil spot market (where rates have historically achieved ...
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The scale of OSG’s fleet and global platform gives it a competitive advantage. Scale improves the timeliness and quality of market information, ...
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By participating in commercial pools, the Company can optimize vessel utilization and provide better customer service.
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In addition, the breadth of OSG’s operations and its reputation for high quality reliable service allow it to develop and expand customer and ...
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Operating the cleanest, safest and most reliable fleet in the industry has never been more critical and remains the single most important strategic...
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In today’s highly competitive market, major customers demand and increasingly only do business with the highest quality ship operators; those ...
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OSG’s goal is to set the Gold Standard in technical operations through continuous improvement of operations and a commitment to recruit, educate ...
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OSG is a vital part of the revitalization of U.S. shipbuilding through its investment and expansion in the U.S. marine industry.
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